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Terms and Conditions

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The website www.swisslimco.com is managed by From2 LLC , a Swiss company governed by Swiss law, with its registered office located at 71 avenue louis casaï, Geneva, Switzerland. You can reach us at +41 79 954 50 50 or by email at contact@swisslimco.com. We are registered with the Swiss Commercial Register under the number CHE-407.648.210.

This website is hosted by Infomaniak, located at Avenue de la Praille 26, 1227 Geneva, Switzerland. You can contact them at +41 22 820 35 44 or by email at contact@infomaniak.com. Visit their website at www.infomaniak.com.

These Terms govern your access to, usage of all content, Product and Services available at https://swisslimco.com website (the “Service”) operated by Swisslimco / From2 Sàrl. (“us”, “we”, or “our”).

Your access to our services is subject to your acceptance, without modification, of all of the terms and conditions contained herein and all other operating rules and policies published and that may be published from time to time by us.

Please read the Agreement carefully before accessing or using our Services. By accessing or using any part of our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to any part of the terms of the Agreement, then you may not access or use our Services.

  • Cookies and Personal Data

This website employs cookies for the purposes of statistical analysis and continuous improvement of our services. You can disable cookies in your browser settings, but this may affect certain site functionalities.

  • Banking Information and Online Payment

We accept remote credit card payments and bank transfers.

In the case of credit card payments, From2 Sàrl will use the information solely with your explicit authorization to settle outstanding invoices. Payment information will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

  • Terms and Legal Information

Acceptance of General Sales Conditions

By placing an order, the customer acknowledges and unconditionally accepts the general sales conditions of From2 Sàrl. These conditions take precedence over any contrary terms unless previously agreed upon in writing.

From2 Sàrl / Swisslimco reserves the right to terminate ongoing services in the event of behavior jeopardizing safety or a lack of respect towards the driver.

  • Order

The sale is concluded upon the confirmation of the order sent to the customer by From2 Sàrl / Swisslimco. The company reserves the right to cancel any order in the event of a dispute related to previous payments.

  • Payment

Prices are expressed in Swiss Francs (CHF) and include taxes.

  • Legal Information

The collection of personal data is necessary for order processing and is subject to strict confidentiality. Customers have the right to access, modify, rectify, and delete their data.


It is the customer responsibility to ensure that all information that they, or someone else on their behalf, have provided to Swisslimco is complete and accurate : address PickUp,  Date , Time , nom , phone number , email adresse .


From2 LLC / Swisslimco.com reserves the right to decline carriage in the event of compelling circumstances or if deemed inappropriate. The maximum number of passengers and amount of luggage specified for a particular vehicle is an approximation based on factors such as the size and weight of passengers and luggage. As such, these specifications are not binding.

The driver retains the authority to decline the carriage of passengers or luggage should they believe it compromises space and safety conditions. In the event that carriage is not feasible due to such circumstances, it shall not impact the payment to Swisslimco / From2 LLC under the terms of the agreement arranged with the User for the booked transportation.


In the event of a no-show without prior cancellation, the User forfeits their entitlement to carriage. However, this does not preclude our company from pursuing compensation from the Client.


A ride is deemed a no-show if the User or guest fails to appear without prior cancellation within 30 minutes after the agreed pickup time at the designated pickup location. In such cases, the full fare for the ride is applicable, with waiting time surcharges not being applicable.

For airport pickups, a ride is classified as a no-show if the User or passenger does not appear without prior cancellation within 60 minutes of the agreed pickup time at the designated pickup location. This criterion accounts for flight delays or earlier flights, resulting in an adjustment of the scheduled pickup time based on the anticipated time difference between the original pickup time and the expected arrival time. In cases of customer no-show, the full fare for the ride remains due, with waiting time surcharges not being applicable.


The User is expected to adhere to the following behavioral standards when traveling with our company:

Throughout the duration of the ride, all guests must comply with relevant Road Traffic Act regulations, particularly seatbelt requirements. The instructions issued by our driver must be followed. Ensuring a safe ride is the responsibility of our company, hence it is prohibited for guests to open vehicle doors while in motion, discard objects from the vehicle, extend body parts outside, or engage in loud behavior. If the User intends to utilize any vehicle amenities, prior instruction from the driver is necessary.

Smoking within the passenger area of the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply may result in charges not only for vehicle cleaning but also compensation for business disruption due to vehicle downtime.

From2 Sàrl / Swisslimco reserves the right to interrupt the service in progress in the event of behaviour endangering safety or lack of respect towards the driver.


For transfer services, no additional surcharges apply for waiting times of up to 60 minutes after the agreed pickup time for airport pickups. This includes situations where flight delays or earlier flights necessitate a postponement of the scheduled pickup time, aligning with the difference between the originally planned arrival time and the expected pickup time. In all other cases, a waiting period of up to 30 minutes from the agreed pickup time incurs no surcharge. Beyond this grace period, each additional minute of waiting time is subject to a flat-rate charge.


Hourly bookings include an initial allocation of 20 kilometers per hour, as specified on the booking form or via phone. Any excess kilometers are subject to surcharge, inclusive of VAT, and calculated according to the per-kilometer rate for the specific vehicle category:

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: 1 Additional Kilometer = 2 CHF

Mercedes-Benz V-Class: 1 Additional Kilometer = 2.5 CHF

Mercedes-Benz S-Class: 1 Additional Kilometer = 3 CH

Mercedes- Sprinter Minibus: 1 Additional Kilometer = 4 CHF

Mercedes-Benz Maybach: 1 Additional Kilometer = 5 CHF


The Company actively monitors flight schedules. In the event of flight delays, the pickup time will be automatically adjusted to align with the actual flight arrival time. However, if a flight experiences a delay exceeding one hour, the Company reserves the right to release the driver and reschedule the transfer for the next available opportunity.

In cases of flight cancellation, the Company retains the right to release the driver and seek payment from the Client. An invoice will be provided for reimbursement claims to be made with the Air Company or travel insurance company.


Any modifications to reservations must be submitted through email, phone, or fax, verified by the transfer operator, and confirmed via email. The User is responsible for any additional costs resulting from requested changes.

  • Cancellation policy

No charge if we are informed at least 24 hours before the service.
50% of the service including VAT if we are informed between 12 and 24 hours before the service.
100% of the service inclusive of tax if we are informed less than 4 hours before the service.
We accept payment by credit card and bank transfer. 

For all inquiries concerning the privacy policy or payment modalities, please do not hesitate to liaise with us at:

From2 LLC

Avenue de Louis Casaï 71

1216 Geneva

Email: contact@swisslimco.com

Phone: ++41 79 954 50 50

Note: These general sales terms are subject to unilateral alteration by From2 LLC without forewarning; it is judicious to conduct periodic reviews thereof.

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